The House

The House

Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Colorado Springs

I went to Colorado Springs today. Bought them some stuff they needed and met Hussien, Josiah and Carl. It has the organization of a
teenagers room, my ocd mom side wanted to do major organization but they know where everything is. Josiah and Carl are interesting.
Josiah is perhaps 18? Carl is 92. Josiah said he wasn't sure what it was all about completely. when I asked him what it meant to him he replied; and I paraphrase. That he thinks we are moving from the cold logical mechanistic money to empathic, community, and peace. He said this is just a small city but his intution is telling him he needs to be involved. Carl on the other hand with a sort of knowing and tired look said basically he knows what it is about and who "they" and told Josiah that he doesn't have to understand much more than his intution at this point. Your gut will never fail you. I liked talking to them. Seeing 70 years apart on the same page. There is an energy that is very high there. It looked a little like any day in Acacia. Carl said some days are busier than others. There were alot of kids hanging out in costume. They have lots of information laid out on a table. You could read for an hour. There seemed to be more people today who wanted to argue their own views rather than dialogue, but that too is par for the course at times. I plan to go back next Monday for the Into The Fire presentation by those who were at the G20 summitt protests. It is at 7-10 at 2415 W. Colorado Ave. Frankie is fine. Shaken but fine. The officer ran over his foot. He didn't mean to touch the bike but he just reacted instinctively. The officers were baiting the crowd. I talked with a nice young man named Hussein, who had talked to the commander of the colorado springs police who admitted they realy didn't want to waste the resources on peaceful protesters. I suggested the police pulled an OccupyBlue (like blue flue) and defused some fear from up the command chain. They check on the Occupiers at night just like they usually would check the park anyway, to make sure they are not being harrassed by anyone with a different agenda. if you know what I mean.

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