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The House

Monday, October 24, 2011

Knuckle Dragging Hairy Palmed Snot gurgle the troll....

I have decided to save my family the verbal lectures, editorials, snark, blog, essays they have gotten on a daily basis and spread the love around. This is as much for my own mental health as theirs. I have been fascinated by the voices on the internet who; in a high tech version of 'crying in the wilderness' fill the digital airwaves. I have also found that I am not alone in my views, putting aside the occasional; to put it kindly misinformed who only seem to yell digitally. I must admit I resemble that remark. I certainly don't always find the correct information but the search for the truth is not the exclusive purview of journalists or the police. If anything the internet and the explosion of television cable and internet radio belays that false assumption of specialists are the only ones to reveal the facts. Many times in internet comments someone who was actually there will come on the forum and set the record straight. Just as equally anyone tries to falsify the record, uses cooked information or followed the wrong web thread will be straightened out. It is the group educating itself. It reminds me of a time before documentaries, movies, television, radio for those who couldn't read or not well; the lecture hall was the place to go. There was always someone doing a lecture on something, somewhere. People with an interest or supporting a view, wanting information could go to a lecture or lectures at a hall, theatre or church. The internet serves this purpose to a tee. I can go to the opposing views website without worry of being run out of the hall, because of anonymity. An internet moniker is the same as a Nome de plume. The freedom of the internet to yell it from the window, in the safety of your house is immeasurable. We are seeing there is a time to get physical; the internet/lecture hall has spilled into the streets. The military know there is a time to put "boots on the ground" and the people have learned the power of presence in protest which is reaching a loud roar in Occupy. The world’s first global protest can’t be ignored. I don't think many people understand the scope of such an event. Not really. Is it the first? There is always New Year's Eve, reported from London to Beijing. Does that count as a global event? A big party? We watched all over the world to the attack on the world symbolized in the twin towers. But to be able to watch a lunar eclipse in Norway, or see New York at midnight mnt. time; or watch Kissy Girl and Steve walk around Zucotti Park and talk to Ted about a global conversation, open source and the meaning of 11-11-11. None of which I would have heard about otherwise?

I have a hard time remembering names, without it is impossible. But there is a tonality to comments, a beat, almost a poetry at times that becomes familiar. Reading other peoples comments almost feels like voices in my own head. It verges on psych kinesis. Before I can comment on the scroll someone else writes it, only better and we "like" it. My comments are liked around three to one. Now I have never had that kind of approval of my ideas, jokes or thought process ever in my life. I was shy of the process, some little kid part was afraid of being yelled at, ignored but now I am just as brave at saying something bold in response to bullies and nasty's. This actually becomes great practice for face to face encounters. like rehearsing a play. I was never one to have the snappy come back in response to stupid remarks or meanness. Now I can sit and carefully read the remark that inspires me or sets me off and respond more thoughtfully. It is addictive, I want to know what Buckeye Bill is into today, and I still wonder what happened to the young Japanese American I chatted with on The Fridge over ten years ago. I get Arabic updates from the April 6th movement, and I love the fact that any thought in my head that is followed by a "what if? can be found on the internet. It is a playground; it is a cosmic tech consciousness. At first there was this idea it would make us more isolated and separate, but it is moving us into a more connected planet. The observer sub society is turning into the listening and chatting society. A pin can barely drop in sub-Saharan Africa that the world doesn't know about it. It less than 30 years of the computer we are creating a new paradigm of community. Is this the coming of the Age of Aquarius? The one leader above all is evolving into the age of community.
My mother had a phrase when referring to the willfully ignorant and nasty; they are knuckle dragging hairy palmed snot gurgle trolls. I was amused to see people who try to "stir the pot" cause trouble on website chats and comments as trolls. The trolls make us all pay tolls, in self respect, in anger and eventually in helplessness. I am not anonymous. I am somebody. I am a old white woman with graying hair and I am proud. I am not afraid to stand up to the trolls who would drive us into a world full of bullies and con artists. I will not be overlooked nor will I be relegated to a life on the streets by  corporate greed. There is nothing worse than a pissed off woman of any background. I am pissed off for my homeless, the mentaly ill, the veteran who believed and is the most betrayed of us all. I am pissed off for people of all races and colors. I am pissed off for the hard working men and women all over the world who only wanted a little house to pass on, and environment not filled with toxins and dieing species. If all I can do is Occupy my Mind and help others to wake up. So be it. I have fought so long the "trolls", the neuvo riche, the snobs, the white trash mantra as long as it looks good. I am tired.
I  realize I have more ideas than I can handle. I am constantly thinking of things to write about, perhaps a book on this or that. Even with the plethora of books out there, there is still so much to say. I know I have been changed by articles and books. Felt affirmed and driven to action. Perhaps, if nothing else my voice can be added to the cry for justice, beauty, humor and love.

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