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The House

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Open letter to Rep. Lamborn

Rep. Lamborn;
In child rearing it is always a good idea to try and encourage a child for doing something well before you criticize them. To that end I carefully went over your voting record to see if there was anything I could agree with. Your votes to support veterans have been for the most part commendable and I assume you will approve of any bill that President Obama promulgates to support jobs for veterans. Unemployement among veterans is twice the national average. Your position of imminent domain and water are not entirely clear, but I assume you are against the XL pipeline and the plans for imminent domain. Also water is very prescious and fracking takes water in horrible unheard of quantities and destroys it forever. We must get off our addiction to oil or the consequences will be biblical.
There is little else you vote down or up that I can agree with. The "tar baby" comment aside, (that could have just been a slip of the tongue due to the culture you were raised in; see wikipedia for the history.) your votes are so far right and if followed through to logical conclusions have been and are destroying the very fabric of this country.
You consistently vote against women, immigrants, environment. You are pro war all the way. War is against Gods commandments and I see no one who claims to be Christian in office calling for peace. This goes beyond outragious. You vote for the rich over and over. Free market has failed. And to concede a point, even if it isn't an overall failure there are some pretty big criminal banks and corporations who are destroying capitalism. Only criminals don't want any regulations or laws.
The long erroneous list of votes and views on your part are so long I cannot go into each and every one. It would take a book. Needless to say you have done nothing to make peoples lives better. Fremont county has not grown in 10 years according to census. I have watched business after business come and go, established business die one after the other. Meth is a huge problem with a small district attorney office to deal with it and sex crimes. Poverty is running rampant in the county. Toxic extraction industries are running roughshod trying to take profit and poison the beauty around us. Rural america is the first hurt by draconian free market and the last to recover. This town struggles to maintain simple services. The people here believe as you do. They hate our library, our kids, their teachers, our firefighters. They hate art, parks, and don't support any business or they wouldn't have put in such high commercial  property taxes. The counties problems go all the way back to the days of the KKK and we cannot grow with an attitude of exclusion. Most of the people here are over the age of 45. If you take away social security and medicade/medicare they will have nothing. We have a large per capita of disabled and mentally ill that would be left in the streets. If you do means testing of social security for those who are wealthy, who collect and don't pay in. If you change the amount people pay in, raise the ceiling SS could do the job it has done forever. Provide a stimulous to boost the economy with good jobs. Give us the health care you enjoy as a representative with costs controls and bidding with the power of the government. One other thing, women will have those babies you so want to see them have if they feel economic parity, if they feel they will be able to keep their family together and their children will be educated in a public system, and will not go hungry. Safety and security start at home not in a far away country with a war for corporate greed. Free trade is killing jobs in America. You say you make around 67,000.00 a year according to your site. I don't believe you. Sorry. I think you make a great deal of money and that is why you went into office. Your religious beliefs are clouding your judgement, Christianity was never meant to be used as a bludgeon to oppress people. It was meant to lift inspire and free us from tyranny of all kinds. I don't agree with the Pres. in all things, but the disrespect by the white far right has made me feel ashamed of my race and my country. I don't see how you were ever qualified to lay judgment upon women, the poor, this planet of ours, or any of the positions you have taken that lord it over all of us. Your so called pledges are transparently hypocritical. 
I am not anonymous. I am somebody. I think leadership should always listen more and talk less. You are required to keep an open mind, a balanced view and think things through. If you were a thinking person "tar baby" would have never come out of your mouth. I see our President as Briar Rabbit. And the republican party and the tea movement as the Fox. The more you try to stick it to this President the worse off it will be for you and your kind. You will be faced with the horrors of you poor judgment and hatred for "other". The poverty, pollution, crime you fear so much will come to pass. Is coming to pass. People are fed up with the ideology of "blame yourself". Americans are hard working forgiving people. We have given the Christian right and Free market every chance to prove it could produce a heaven on Earth. Pride goeth before a fall is on steriods right now. Christians have become unforgiving, unrelenting, militant and prideful. I say it is a fake faith based upon fear. True Christians everywhere are taking their religion back from the "money lenders" the greedy lying mega church leaders. They are taking their faith back in the streets of Occupy. True Christians come from love not hate.
I have been a voter since I was 18. The first generation to be able to do so at that age. I was very excited about being a fully engaged citizen. I am now 53 and am so discouraged by the take over of our country by the privileged who have cheated and stolen for decades. This country has become increasingly imperialist and our once proud nation is feared by the rest of the world. There will be a reckoning for the harm we do and the harm our leaders have done. Empire eats its own. You are only a lowly rep. I understand the force of peer pressure especially with the money that is thrown around. If you look around you, you will see you can get the support you need to stop the greedy, wars undending, give our kids a chance at a peacefull and just world. If Jesus hadn't been a rebel, there would have been no Jesus. Be a rebel for love and peace.

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