The House

The House

Friday, March 23, 2012

Suspicious in a hoodie?

A little black and white vid to illustrate.
As i listened to Keith tonight i though of the fact if an old white woman had been shot? going to the store late at night? what justice then? Fear is killing all of us. My mother stopped going out at night at my age, refused to go to a movie alone or eat out. I am 54, for me that is too young to be old and afraid. At 16? to young to go and get skittles by himself in the dark? in a hoodie? chatting on the phone? I would assume I was being stalked also by a pedaphile, robber, rapist? just being paranoid? as it turned out.....I remember hearing a story when i was young of a woman raped and crying for help and people who didn't help, as she screamed and was murdered. This was all over the news when I was young....memory is fading. I remember little black girls being burned at church, I was there age. It never ends. I hope I live to see the day. I have never seen that mountain top.

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