The House

The House

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fair of Face

I am Irish
Fair of Face
with a lilting tongue
I cry easily
anger easily
laugh easily
Love a good fight

I am German
Fair of face
with a dramatic heart
I sing easily
Create easily
I love the forest
am to proud for my own good
Have no fear of death

I am French
Fair of face
With the grace of her Queens
I love easily
Hate easily
Learn easily
I love good food
Am a sensual being
An ethereal being
Innocent mystic

I am Iroquois
Fair of face
with a body of soul of power
I survive easily
Conquer easily
see life easily
I commune with god/goddess
have beautiful babies
heal the sick,
am at peace

I am jewish
fair of face
lament all humanity
I pray easily
give wisdom easily
martyr easily
love the children
preserve the past
adore logic

deep in culture
citizen of humanness
more besides

copyright 1984

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